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  1. Ah.... Thanks John. 😄🤣 I've got a couple of months or so to plan my revenge!
  2. Mike, is this aimed at beginners.....or anyone? Also....yuo haven't RSVPd to it??
  3. until
    Maximum Number of Participants: 4. THIS EVENT IS NOW FULLY SUBSCRIBED (SORRY - THIS CALENDAR ENTRY IS FOR NAMES TO BE TRANSFERRED FROM GROUP 1) 1. Type: River 2. WWSR - Swimming, throwlines and reaching rescues. 3. Level of ability: improver+. Simple Class 2 water skills. 4. Venue: Devil’s Bridge, Kirkby Lonsdale. 5. Time: meet at 0930. Session 1000-1400. 6. Lift share: No lift share - static venue. 7. Participants will be swimming. Please wear adequate clothing and dry suits or dry separates. Spray decks not required. 8. Please wear appropriat
  4. Mike, apologies. I now have a medical appointment for Weds and impractical for Linda to come alone. So regretfully we will both need to pull out.
  5. If anyone drops out Mike, I'm desperate to do this trip!!! 😃
  6. Mike I've pm'd you on WhatsApp
  7. John, if anyone drops out, I'd like to join please.... Ta Pete
  8. Mike, I've never been on the Weir before. Does it still run in low water? Currently showing 'Empty' - 0.43 at Sunday morning.
  9. Mike...the calendar time appears to conflict?? (2130). Could you confirm please? Thanks Pete
  10. event co-ordinator Pete Riley 1. Trip type: river 2. Level of ability : intermediate or better 3. Date: Thursday 20th August 4. Venue : TBC Thursday morning before 8.30 5. Meet location / time : TBC Thursday morning meet time will be 10.00 or 10.30 6. Meet to share lifts at: No lift share due to Covid 7. Anything else: May choose same venue as Mike Hayward but will operate seperately. Bring face mask etc to share shuttle or arrange your own shuttle. Rain forecast overnight Wed/ Thurs so hopefully some suitable water Please read not
  11. Ok Tom....I won't put our names to this trip just yet then. If you are sticking with this time and venue I'll post a 3rd trip!! 1000 from Pooley Bridge. This allows us to miss wave 1 and more critically means a civilised start for our 1 hr 45 drive up there. Hoping we can combine......and would be great if Robin was open to this too.
  12. Julian, Tom. In light of both your comments....Linda and I would still like to do the trip, but with a later start (It's quite a hike from Skipton). If We're guaranteed company, I propose, as above, meet at 1000 at Pooley Bridge. If that works, I'm happy to post yet another trip, although it would make sense just to change Tom's continuation trip?? Cheers Pete
  13. Hi Tom, I'm really sorry but Linda and I will likely pull out of the Ullswater Trip. I fully understand your rationale for changing the arrangements - and I have zero complaint. However, the new plans don't really work for us. I realise this leaves you high and dry - on your own - and I apologise again for that. I'll give it further thought this morning and let you know sooner rather than later today. Given that we won't be meeting up with the original 6 in any case - we may still paddle from Pooley Bridge but delayed by an hour to give us a friendlier start from our long Skipton drive.
  14. I've had to drop out.......unfortunately (but fortunately) I have to go to Cheshire to pick up a boat. As of tomorrow I won't be boatless!!! Woooohooooo.
  15. John...if it changes, I can't make Sunday ....I'll be in Poland!
  16. I too am interested......Ta Pete
  17. Mike looking at the gauge now it doesn't look good??? .... I've tried to call to seek confirmation that my long return trip will reap rewards!! Can't get hold of you.... On balance, sorry I'm pulling out very last minute. Hope you make a good day of it. Pete
  18. Mike. Just picked this last message up. Is this really a goer? The graph on Rainchasers is plummeting towards 'scrape'! (2200)
  19. Hi Andy. Sorry but I RSVPd yesterday to the free place. I hope I haven't breached a protocol if Nigel was 'giving' you his place???? If there's such a thing, I indicated my desire as a 'first reserve' on the 18th. Hoping I haven't stepped out of line here??
  20. Mike, I've put myself on the 'reserve' list for 30th. I'd like to be on this one too!
  21. Mike, I'm interested in this. If a space becomes available.....
  22. Matt, I note the RSVP limit has been reached. I'd like to come please if a space becomes free. Thanks Pete
  23. until

    Ian.....it seems a space has become free. I've RSVPd. Grant, I'm not hardcore. I'm a returning paddler after 15 years off......with a strong sense of preservation. I'm possibly in a similar place to you - gd3 comfortably....with 4 thrown in occasionally for good measure.
  24. until

    It looks like you're full?? If not, I'd like to come. Cheers Pete
  25. I'm currently on the Lleyn and there's an opportunity on the 15th to paddle to Bardsey Island from Porth Oer. Forecast ok so far but the trip will only run in good weather. It's a 1345 prompt, on the water, set off from Porth Oer to get the last of the slack. There are other point to point options on the great Lleyn coastline to supplement this more unique and commiting trip - to make the drive down worthwhile. I'll be driving back home late Tuesday or Wednesday. Camping at Penrallt campsite near Tudweilliog. Plenty of space on a great campsite. I need to limit numbers to
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