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SELBY ROUND - Selby Canal; River Aire; River Ouse - Tidal Trip - 52 km

Event details

An unusual and potentially challenging trip. I have specified as 'Advanced' even though the circumstances will be fairly benign - flat water and potential escape most of the way, albiet possibly through tidal mud and thicket. If you are a strong intermediate paddler with good long distance fitness and the ability to sit in your boat for a few hours, then maybe it's for you?

We will start on the Selby canal for 5km - portage onto the river Aire on the ebb for 26 km - join the Ouse at Airmyn on the flood for 15km - portage back onto the canal and paddle 4km back to the car. It's a total of 8.5 km of flat paddling on the canal; everything else is tidal, so easier than the 52km headline suggests, but will still be challenging. Likely 6 hours car to car. There are 5 or 6 reasonable opportunites every lunar month (using sensible daytime hours), and timing is critical. I doubt if the tidal rivers will be scenic, however it's a 'different' trip, if 'different' is your thing! 

PM me if you are interested.

1. Event coordinator & leader - Pete Riley

2. Date: Friday Aug 25th.

3. On the water - strictly at 0750. Car park & put-in / take-out: https://goo.gl/maps/6gkxmfDWQVdmXSNx6

4. Sea kayaks only (or other 'fast' boat).

4. Anything else: I don't know this trip. We might be on the water for quite a few hours at a time, so bring pee pot; food; flask easily at hand. Be prepared to portage 2 x locks - maybe six metres at Selby if the mud is too claggy to walk on. 

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