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  1. Hello Sue, Just been using my drysuit which now leaks! So not sure how much the session will be practical and actually in the water, but I am reluctant to be in cold water for very long if I cannot get it sorted. Repairing in time is unlikely as I can see the seams across the back are disintergating and presume this is where the water ingress occurs, as it is my core that gets wet. I will make enquiries about borrowing one but not hopeful. Thought I should put you on notice at this late stage.
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    Ian, I was due to be in Canada for 3 weeks ski touring over this period. Unfortunately I've had to cancel the whole thing due to my gammy knee.....so I remain in Blighty! If, on the off-chance, anyone drops out of this, I'd love to fill the gap. .......
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