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Lakeland Canoe Club

Lunch on the sands.

Event details

Thursday evening.  This trip is confirmed windcast is good.



Club  Official trip

1. Event co-ordinator Mike Hayward

2. Trip Leader leader Mike Hayward

3. Trip type: sea / social  

4. Level of ability :  improver or better

5. Date: Sunday 27th June

6. Venue : Arnside

7. Meet location / time : 09.00

8. Meet to share lifts at: no lift share needed

9. Anything else:  maximum 15 paddlers

Not expecting bore wave.

This is a social event. We will take the ongoing tide from Arnside at 9.00 and take a gentle paddle into the Bay. At a suitable point about 10.45 we will disembark and enjoy a natter, brew and snack.

HW is at 14.03 9.21m  so we can expect the incoming tide to reach us about midday for the return to Arnside. Those that are interested can continue up the estuary before returning to Arnside at about 15.30.

This is all subject suitable weather.


Please read notes re  trips here:


Please ensure you carry the correct kit for the trip you are attending.

RSVP at least 2 days before the event

Guests by arrangement with organiser, prior to trip only.


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Hi Mike,

should haver asked this sooner!

am assuming  will be getting on water at slipway access from the Albion, and hoping will see other boats. If is different access point-please advise


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Searching for a group of strangers …  with kayaks. Found at Arnside for ‘Lunch on the Sands’: a sea/social trip on 27th June.

With introductions done and feeling trepidation at a range of sea kayaks dwarfing (in length) my lonely river boat, we set off in sunshine and dancing clouds.

Following a low tide channel out across the bay, almost to Grange; meandering round a rocky island; inadvertently alarming the odd seagull and egret, we proceeded out into the estuary. Using the lesser-known paddling technique of using hands to push boat across sands, we avoided having to get out and pull boats … or in my imagination sink in quicksand and flounder in mud!

Then we had a lovely paddle along an eroding sand bank until we found a place to stop and ‘disembark’ for brunch. There is a surreal wonder at being in the middle of Morecambe Bay: a sandy expanse across to Heysham Power Station and Blackpool, the distant twee tents along Grange promenade and a sense of spaciousness to a horizon of shape-shifting clouds.

At a more prosaic level chatter abounded and with no obvious public toilets, squatting on the sand had to suffice. Mike’s pep talk for the way back instilled a sense of seriousness to negotiating with the power of the incoming tide. We waited on the water for the bore which looked impressive as it raced across the sands but actually arrived with us as a rippling murmur. Still, I was amazed at the speed with which it gathered us up and carried us back - I think in terms of power, the sea is always and effortless winner. Some impressive surfing on the wave by some, a decisive line to navigate the channels back, a little bouncy turbulence round the island and a strong right across the bay brought us back along the Arnside shoreline.

There is freedom and a certain sense of privilege in bobbing on the water while Sunday strollers crowd the shoreline. Yet, all too soon we joined them and most of us carried boats back to roof bars (three went on up the river) and returned home.

Thank you for the warm welcome you all gave me and here’s to the next outing …


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