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Lakeland Canoe Club

Sea-kayak paddling and rescue training in realistic conditions.

Event details

Event details

BE Covid aware

Maximum no 6

Windermere Sunday 23rd May

Organiser: Andy Murphy 07471 890975

1. Trip type:  Morning session in forecasted bad weather to explore knowledge/skills gaps and gain experience paddling and rescuing in realistic conditions. 

2. Level of ability: Sea kayak improvers, intermediate, advanced.

3. Date: Sunday 23rd May at 10am.

4. Venue: Meet at Windermere, Fell Foot (south car park) at 10am.

6. Meet to share lifts at = no lifts. Out and back journey which will demand paddling (or towing) against S winds which are forecast to reach 35km/h by 1pm. 

7. Anything else: Rescues and capsizes are usually required when conditions are not ideal - weather conditions and water temperatures this Sunday are forecasted to be realistic but do be assured that this session is to be 'developmental' so a willingness to take part to a level which suits the individual and the group is all that's required.

Choosing a manageable route, surfing downwind, paddle-leashes, storage of deck-equipment, testing tow systems, optional capsize and rescue training, rolling/capsizing with rescuers nearby and anything else folks would like to try is useful preparation for when situations develop for real. The S end of Windermere on a windy day can provide lots of shelter and it's not a day to go out on to the sea. 

Bring lots of warm clothing - we won't be paddling far so work on the basis that substantial insulation will be preferable. Dry suits are ideal if you have one but don't worry if not... in fact paddling and rescuing in the kit you regularly wear is good training in itself ... is it fit for purpose?

It's worth noting that the human body loses heat to water at a rate 15-20 times faster than it does to air at the same temperature so solid wind protection when the body is wet is crucial; if you can find one in the cellar bring an XXXL waterproof which will fit over all your paddling kit, buoyancy aid included.

Warm drinks and lots of food and a mat to sit on.

Advisable to have/make some form of paddle leash ... a bungee around the wrist will do for now.

A swimming cap to go under your woolly hat adds a layer of waterproofing, warmth and dryness.

Towline and throw-line, split paddles, pump, sponge, paddling gloves if you have them. If your kayak has hatches that are not currently tied/secured on to the kayak's deck lines then sort that out before arrival.

I envisage we'll all have had enough after 2-3hrs in the wind and rain. 

If in doubt do give me a call on 07471 890975- 6 places only.

Andy Murphy

Please make sure you've read the club's (and British Canoeing) guidance regarding kayaking and Covid-19.  Please read notes re river trips here: https://lakelandcanoeclub.wordpress.com/trips/

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