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  1. Anybody ( x2) in this bubble interested in swapping bubbles to the Ullswater bubble- (we live a mile from Brown Howe).
  2. Deb will speak about her life in relation to whitewater kayaking; how she began, becoming world freestyle champion and some of the expeditions she has participated in, including those to Iran, Gabon, and the Indian Himalaya. Deb will illustrate her presentation with captivating black and white images, that explore the cultures and landscapes of the palces she has kayaked through. Adventure stories with a real visual treat!
  3. Paddling for Gold – a story of Olympic success and beyond Etienne will talk about his journey to Olympic Gold and how this has been translated and applied in other contexts ranging from sport to business to life style. Etienne has successfully applied techniques of meditation and mindfulness to help people unleash their potential. His talk will appeal to anyone with an interest in sport and beyond.
  4. Fenton Manor
  5. Fenton Manor
  6. Life Leisure, Cheadle.
  7. Fenton Manor
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