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    31 March 2021

    TRIP CONFIRMED Good to  go.
    Club Lead trip
    1. Event co-ordinator; Mike Hayward
    2. Trip Leader leader Mike Hayward
    3. Trip type: Sea  
    4. Level of ability :intermediate / advanced 
    5. Date: Wednesday 31st March
    6. Venue : Kent Estuary
    7. Meet location / time : 09.00 a.m. to be on the water by 09.30 a.m.
    8. Meet to share lifts at: no lift share needed
    9. Anything else:  Sea kayak only for this trip.
    HW is at 14.57 tide height 10.15m.
    Wind looks favourable  Will confirm trip here by 7pm the evening before.
    We are setting off at 09.30 with the aim of following the river channel as far as we can towards Morecambe, then returning with the incoming tide. Likely following the bore wave in. May have issues with shallow water, meandering channels and dead ends.
    For those with advanced skills or intermediate if you don't wish to surf the bore wave.
    Bring food drink etc but be prepared to consume it from the kayak as we won't be able to stop on the incoming tide.
    Should be back in Arnside by 13.30
    Please read notes re river trips here:
    I am happy to co-ordinate and lead the trip. However, as we will be a team, we are jointly responsible for each other’s safety on the water.

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    31 March 2021 09:00 AM      01:00 PM

    This event is on.
    See you at the bridge at 10am.
    Don’t forget your snack, hot drink and helmet!
    Club Lead trip
    1. Event co-ordinator; Eric Dewhurst
    2. Trip Leader; Mike Sunderland
    3. Trip type: Easy River  
    4. Level of ability : Beginner 
    5. Date: Wednesday 31st March
    6. Venue : Killington Road Bridge
    7. Meet location / time : 10.00 a.m.
    8. Meet to share lifts at: no lift share needed
    9. Anything else:  
    River kayak only for this session, and don’t forget your helmet.
    This session is a refresher for those who are very rusty in a river kayak or those with little or no experience on moving water. (You should be comfortable in a kayak on flat water). This session will probably be park and play.
    The session will cover
             Kit review
             Basic boat set up and safety
             Paddling technique on moving water
             Moving water hazards
             Paddling in a group
             What to do in the event of a capsize (your’s or someone else’s)
             Anything else you want to know!
    Bring snacks and a hot drink etc.
    Should be finished before 2pm.
    Will confirm details here by 7pm the evening before.
    Please read notes re river trips here:
    Remember the club now has small, medium and large river kayaks and associated kit for members to use for a small consideration of £10 per day which goes towards secure storage.

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