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  1. Event details 1.Peer River Trip 2.Intermediate/Advanced 3. Saturday 22nd February 4. Venue to decide nearer the time but would like to get on the upper Rawthey or similar - dependent on water levels etc. Check water levels the night before. 5. Trips may be cancelled or rearranged at short notice depending upon weather, and the preferences of those paddling. 6. To avoid a wasted journey, please ensure the trip coordinator knows you plan to attend, and has your mobile number. 7. Coordinator Mark McGuire I am very happy to co-ordinate this trip, choose a river, set up put ins and take outs, but I will not be the leader. It is very likely that there will be other very competent paddlers on trip, many have more experience than myself. Just to emphasise this is not a "formal LCC trip". This is a group of mates heading out for a paddle and some fun. If you want to join us you are most welcome. Please read notes re river trips here: https://lakelandcanoeclub.wordpress.com/trips/ RSVP at least 2 days before the event Guests by arrangement with organiser, prior to trip only.
  2. Hi sue if a place becomes available I’d like to join you thanks
  3. Thanks for letting me know Mark see you on the water soon.
  4. PEER TRIP 1. Trip type: river trip 2. Level of ability : intermediate 3. Date: Saturday 11th Jan 4. Venue : Looking closely at the forecast and where it’s raining now Esk could well be a good shout in a couple of hours. 5. Time 10.15am at Duddon bridge 6. Meet to share lifts at:Mazda garage, gilpin bridge at 9.30. 7. Anything else: Will keep a close watch on rainfall and update nearer the time. Please read notes re intermediate river trips here: https://lakelandcanoeclub.wordpress.com/trips/ Rain forecast for Friday night into Saturday morning. A final decision will be made sat 8am or sooner. Possible grade 3 river options include Esk, Greta K, Greta Ing or Lowther to name a few. Will also update on WhatsApp
  5. Unfortunately I’ve hurt my back so I’ve pulled out of this weekend paddling.
  6. Hi Mike, if rsvp is increased I'll drop the river trip I put on and join you.
  7. Mark McGuire

    River trip

    River trip on Ribble is a no go. Will send a WhatsApp message out to see what people’s thoughts are. Leven is hovering around 0.9 if that’s of interest or abandon and leave it for another week.
  8. Mark McGuire

    River trip

    Rain forecast Saturday doesn’t look like it’s going to materialise so will check levels tomorrow and decide. With levels already low it isn’t promising. Will post tomorrow. If all else fails Leven might be the only option.
  9. Mark McGuire

    Advanced Whitewater

    Hi Matt wouldn’t mind going on this. Let me know if you think I would be ok.
  10. Can you put me down as first reserve please mike
  11. Mark McGuire

    River trip

    Insufficient water for Ribble do now going to Leven. See what's app groups for details 1.Peer trip 2.Intermediate/Advanced 3.River leven 4. meet 10 a.m. at get out
  12. Mark McGuire

    River trip

    Suggest meet at crooklands canal side 10am for a run down the Lune.
  13. Mark McGuire

    River trip

    Peer trip. Intermediate River trip. Weather dependant. will check levels Saturday morning 8am and post on calendar and river WhatsApp.
  14. Mark McGuire

    River trip

    Trip cancelled due to no rain and numbers
  15. Mark McGuire

    River trip

    Peer trip Intermediate Rain dependant will decide Sunday morning 8.00am. If levels stay low then probably a run down the leven or open to suggestions. Cancelled
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