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Lakeland Canoe Club



LCC Open boat trip
Mike H

Event details


1. Event co-ordinator: Mike Hayward

2. Trip Leader leader: Mike Hayward

3. Trip type: river

4. Level of ability : Improver or better -  open canoe / river kayak

Should be able to self guide down grade 2+ rapids.

5. Date: Thu March 3rd to Friday March 4th.

6. Venue : River Teviot, in south Scotland, Plan B will be 2 days on the river Annan.

7. Meet location / time : Thursday 3rd March  10.00 a.m. at put in TBC

8. Meet to share lifts at: TBC

9. Anything else:  

RSVP will be 6 boats unless other leaders join trip.

Can you add note saying if you will paddle kayak, single open boat(are you willing to take a bow paddler)

Double open boat.

Single or double canoes  or kayaks. May be possible to carry some kayaker kit in open boat. 

Will confirm  river 3 days before the trip.

a) River Teviot  2 days with camping on river bank. Take kit in canoes / kayaks. River is grade 2.

b) River Annan 2 days with camping on river bank. Possible to take kit in canoes / kayaks or do a shuttle. River is grade 2  with a couple of portages around weirs.



Please read notes re river trips here:


I am happy to co-ordinate and lead the trip. However, as we will be a team, we are jointly responsible for each other’s safety on the water.

RSVP at least 6 days before the event

RSVP limit may change depending on open canoe doubles.


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