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  1. Hi Cat, yea that's no problem. I believe its the Machno for you to take as the other kit is being borrowed tomorrow. Also if you could let John Speakman know when ever you collect/reserve kit. makes it a bit easier to keep track of things.
  2. Hi Cat. You would be a 7.6 for a mamba and would fit a small or a med burn but would likely be better in a med. The club has some med burn 2s you can try for size if you like. Alternatively I would suggest chatting to the guys at https://www.roho.co.uk. They’re excellent to deal with and frighteningly knowledgable about all things water! I believe they do a discount for LCC members as well.
  3. No problem Cat happy to have you back! I’ll make sure there’s a boat for you.
  4. Rob no worries got just the boat for you 😃. the club likes a voluntary donation of £10 for kit hire if you are so inclined
  5. Tom R. South lakes Kendal/Kirkby Lonsdale area. we'll have to wait and see what the rains doing. I’ll update with something more Definitive 3 or 4 days before the date.
  6. Be covid aware Official trip The final session, let's take a moment... By now we should all be well enough aquatinted with the bow of our boats to never have to gaze longingly into it again. Our impressions of the Duracell bunny will be purely for humour rather than defacto. To make super sure though, session 4 will be a consolidation of what we've learned over the last 3 weeks. Challenges will be offered for the bold but just a cool river trip for the content. Hopefully all attendees have enjoyed the course and look forward to paddling in the future. Sessi
  7. Be covid aware Official trip Its all about the edge! Session 3 will cover using river features to help us get where we need to go. We'll examine the tactics employed to manage our groups safely and to hit those swish looking lines ( also what a line is ). Sessions will be limited to 6 paddlers because of Covid restrictions but don't be disheartened if the R.S.V.P limit has been reached. Send us a message on 07927199545 and with enough interest we will be able to assign additional coaches to take another group or 2. Equipment is available for hire if required. If you
  8. Update meeting 10:00 river Leven get on Be covid aware Official trip Welcome Back for session 2 or hello for the first time. This time we are going to take a look at power generation 'finesse not fury'. We'll also look at slowing down (because that's often rather useful as well) and, most importantly of all, having a great time on the best place a person can be. Sessions will be limited to 6 paddlers because of Covid restrictions but don't be disheartened if the R.S.V.P limit has been reached. Send us a message on 07927199545 and with enough interest we wi
  9. Be covid aware Official trip UPDATE 10:00 - 14:00 We're going to meet at the put on for the Leven at 10:00. head to Newby Bridge, Cross the bridge towards the Swan Hotel. take the first left turn and there are many lay-bys to park on the right (call if you get lost). session will be taking place at the bottom of Windermere, then heading down the first G2/3 of the Leven portaging (walking round) the G3 elements. look forward to seeing you all! Welcome new members to LCC!! We look forward to getting you all cruising down white water ( the finest of the paddlin
  10. until
    White Water Safety & Rescue Day part 1 An essential tool to have in your river paddling kit, is an increased awareness of safety issues. If you paddle rivers at any level of ability, it is HIGHLY recommended that you should take part in this course. It should raise your awareness of what to do and when you do it, in the event of a capsize. It could save your life or that of someone you paddle with. mediate difference between losing kit or not. LOCATION. Devils bridge on the Lune LA6 2JR Time form 10:00 to 13:00. With the doom, gloom and gnarly spelling mist
  11. Sorry, I’m going to be a no show. Have a good paddle
  12. Something cool or the lower Kent.. see what the rain does
  13. DaveG88

    Tees Barrage

    Some more Tees Barrage action for those hungry White Water paddlers. Sutible for the intromediate Paddler G2/3. For more info Dave Gray 07927199545
  14. DaveG88

    Tees Barrage

    Tees Barrage again, paddlers should be comfortable on G2/3 water and have a spirt for adventure!
  15. Armed with a range of ever so slightly less shiny new Kayaks LCC are running a series of River trips designed to give beginner/improver paddlers the skills and the confidence they need to Start loving White water. The venue will be posted on Friday 28th to allow us to pick the best Place. These trips have limited space so booking is essential. Follow the link to our nifty jot form to secure your place. (https://form.jotformeu.com/90772643315357) For further information please feel free to contact the trip organiser directly davegray999@me.com. There are 2 space still avail
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