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  1. until

    Am on now Yeah! looking forward to this Trip! and only only one night under canvas and the stars! just right! CS
  2. until

    Hi am trying to Book on this trip- even though am logged in- wont let me Book on- so please accept my booking thank you Christina Sample
  3. Hi Mike, should haver asked this sooner! am assuming will be getting on water at slipway access from the Albion, and hoping will see other boats. If is different access point-please advise thankyou
  4. Would like to bea reserve as well chrissample23@hotmail.com
  5. would like to be a reserve chrissample23@hotmail.com
  6. trying to book on for tomorrow -is short notice- is ok to join on?
  7. until

    Like to join the trip as well. Is there room for one more canoe?
  8. until

    Hi would like to join you for the Glasson Estuary paddle. Will be in Easky 15 looking forward Friday's Paddle Chris sample
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