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  1. Apologies, can't make the 15th now as the Bute Sea Kayaking trip has been pushed back a day. Hope you can fill the slot and enjoy the novelty of a river with some water in it
  2. Could I be first reserve please cheers Julian
  3. Would like to down as first reserve please if there is such a thing, cheers Julian
  4. Darn, too slow, could I register as first reserve please!
  5. until

    Hi, would like to go but RSVP limit seems to be set at 4
  6. Please include Robert Cruickshank on this trip - a member but not yet created an account. Many thanks
  7. Great, see you at 1000
  8. Fine by me
  9. Hi Tom I would like to join you on Wednesday. I am coming from the Keswick end so Glencoyne suits me, but it would be great to see Pete as well so I don't mind a Pooley Bridge start Cheers Julian
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