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  1. until
    This will be a five day event based on a campsite in the Bamburgh area. TBC. Event limited to six people. Prime objectives would be trips to the inner and outer Farne isles, Holy Island, sections of the Northumberland coast, St Abbs Head and possibly Dunbar (48 miles away) to Pease Bay. I envisage us arriving on the camp site the night before (13th) so we can pick the best option for day 1. Some days will involve shuttles as some trips are linear. In the event of NE or easterly winds and swell forecast we will consider going elswhere so be flexible.(poss Oban area)Big beaches, bring wheels!
  2. until

    Hi Chris Could I be first reserve please if anybody drops out. Thanks
  3. If anybody drops out I am keen to go
  4. until

    Hi Eric Which bit of the Derwent is your Plan A? If it is the lower Derwent to Cockermouth I assume we still need a lake permit ?
  5. until

    Hi All when a trip goes on the calendar shouldnt' it be live immediately ?-- it can always change later due to weather or covid ?
  6. until

    Rob could I have your tel number so I can put you on a Jura whats App group. Could not find your number on the other club whats App sites.
  7. until

    thanks Brian. There may be a way around this so I will keep you on the whats app group i am about to set up with all info on it. Check SCA info as there may be different rules in Scotland. From a wild camping point of view we probably do not want more than 7 tents for some of the smaller spots.
  8. until

    Have reserved a place for Ian Barker, a new club member (joined today) whose booking system has not yet gone live. Ian has been around Jura previously in a kayak.
  9. Tom P

    River Ure

    hi i am still up for the trip
  10. Tom P

    Galloway Coast


    Hi Mike Which campsite are we using ?
  11. until
    A 6 day round trip of Jura based on taking the ferry to Port Askaig on Islay Exact details to be agreed by those that RSVP Plan B trip based on more sheltered waters around Arduanie/Seil/Oban Tentative weather dependent Plan A Please CHECK MY TIDAL CALCULATIONS--- like the government- collective responsibility if wrong ! Wed 26 Boats packed and checked in BY 12 .50 kennacraig Sail 1300 Arrives Port Askaig 14.55 (kennacraig 4hrs 13 min from Ullswater) Sound of Islay flows North at 16.42. To be on water as soon as we can make headway. Launch point is metres from where
  12. until

    Eric the trip seems to have closed at 5 people. Is there still a place for one more and can I come.
  13. Trip now on for 1000 meet at the new car park at Pooley Bridge. Try not to arrive too early in case the first group are late away. Is this ok with everybody ?
  14. Pete; It would suit me to move to Pooley Bridge at 1000 but as as yet I am still awaiting Robins answer before I change my trip location or time. As soon as I know I will post something.
  15. I'll go for that but am just awaiting an answer from Robin.
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