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  1. Are we still on for tomorrow given the low numbers and low water? I am happy to change dates if needed
  2. Hi John. Did you have any photos from Friday night for the report?



  3. I can do Thursday or Saturday if Saturday fills up and other folk want the space.
  4. until

    I'm not strictly a beginner but if there is space I would like to come along and keep Yukari company. If the trip fills up I will bring Yukari and her boat and then paddle off in the opposite direction. 😁
  5. until

    Hi. Yukari doesn’t fancy the windy conditions for her first night time paddle. Sorry we are pulling out.
  6. until

    Yukari is awaiting approval for her account but she would like to come as well.
  7. Hi. I know I am late to book in but if it's OK I would like to join in. Pete
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