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  1. From 2nd December. The rule of 6 will once again apply to meeting outdoors - for recreational paddling with friends and family, and for groups of coaching and leader ratios of 1:5. Event details Be Covid Aware Co-ordinator Matt Butel 1.Peer River Trip - Friday 4th December 2. Advanced - hopefully Grade 4, but this is dependant on water levels and peoples inclinations 3. Venue to be decided nearer the time - dependent on water levels etc. 4. No lift sharing due to COVID restrictions. Running shuttles with mitigat
  2. BE COVID AWARE PEER TRIP Organiser : Matt Butel 1. Trip type : Whitewater River 2. Level of ability : Intermediate / Advanced (Grade 3/4) 3. Date : 05/09/2020 4. Venue : Leven (followed by Lower Kent if people are keen) 5. Meet location / time : 10:00 at put in for Leven (see P on the map link below) http://rainchasers.com/river/leven/newby-bridge-low-Wood 6. Meet to share lifts at : No lift share due to Covid-19. 7. Anything else : Running shuttles with mitigation, so please bring your own face covering or organise your own shuttle. Please ma
  3. BE COVID AWARE Peer Group Trip 1. Trip type: River 2. Level of ability : Intermediate 3. Date: Wednesday 12th August 4. Venue : River Leven https://www.ukriversguidebook.co.uk/rivers/england/north-west/river-leven 5. Meet location / time : Newby Bridge @ 18:00 6. Meet to share lifts at: N/A - no lift share due to COVID 7. Anything else: Short notice, so keep an eye on WhatsApp for updates Trip coordinator - Matt Butel
  4. Me for second reserve please, provided I can borrow one of the club boats. Brian I’m happy to coordinate a second trip if the rsvp limit is now full.
  5. Yorkie_Matt

    River trip

    Currently struggling with man flu but if I feel better by tomorrow I may join you. Matt.
  6. Peer Trip 1. Trip type: River 2. Level of ability: Advanced 3. Date: Saturday 16th November 4. Venue: River Tees - some heavy overnight rain is forecast, so if the Upper Tees is too high, we will do one of the other sections such as Barnard Castle to Winston Bridge. 5. Meet location / time: 09:00 by the canal at Crooklands (54.236626, -2.709218). If going direct contact me and I will let you know a meeting place, depending upon which section we decide to paddle. 6. Anything else: Please read notes about advanced river trips here: https://lakelandcan
  7. Yorkie_Matt

    Advanced river trip

    Sorry, now going to be in Yorkshire for the weetend,. Ok Matt thanks for letting us know.
  8. until

    I’d like to come please! Matt B.
  9. ** Peer Trip ** Evening River Play Session on the River Leven - suitable for intermediate paddlers. The plan is to spend time playing on the top section of the river, taking out just below Backbarrow Bridge. Meet: 18:00 at Newby Bridge (small road on river right) Trip coordinator: Matt Butel - contact below or via WhatsApp.
  10. If it rains enough that cricket is cancelled early enough I will paddle.
  11. Yorkie_Matt

    River Washburn

    ** UNNOFFICIAL PEER TRIP ** Update - the release has now been confirmed by Yorkshire Water. Meet in the Top Car Park below Thruscross Reservoir at 10:00 - map link below. I am in Leeds Friday evening so will leave the rest of you to arrange lifts between yourselves and see you there. https://www.bing.com/maps?&ty=2&cid=698190E4B29856BB!1448&tt=The Washburn&tsts0=%26ty%3d2%26cid%3d698190E4B29856BB%25211448&tstt0=The Washburn&cp=54.009039~-1.766829&lvl=15&style=s&ftst=0&ftics=False&v=2&sV=1&form=S00027 In the past I have
  12. ...
  13. Yorkie_Matt

    Intermediate Trip

    Evening Brian, I have now declined as I am struggling with my back and given low water it doesn’t seem worth taking the morning off work. Sorry for the short notice. Matt.
  14. Peer trip. Title: Advanced Whitewater River Trip - Grade III/IV any requests? Date: Saturday 10th Nov. Location: TBC - depends on water levels. Meet Time: 9.30rain Fri evening see levels sat a.m. chat on what's app
  15. Trip cancelled due to low water levels and lack of paddler availability. Let’s hope for more water next week! Not Official LCC Event **** trip moved back a week to 27th as I’m no longer available on 20th **** Title: Intermediate Whitewater River Trip - Grade II/III Date: Saturday 27th October Location: TBC - but hopefully something a bit different, perhaps River Wharfe - Grassington to Barden Bridge if there is water about. Meet Time: TBC - depends on location Contact: Matt Butel - 07494416803 - m.t.butel@icloud.com Will confirm details (location
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