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  1. From 2nd December. The rule of 6 will once again apply to meeting outdoors - for recreational paddling with friends and family, and for groups of coaching and leader ratios of 1:5. BE COVID AWARE PEER trip Organiser : Chris Dale Folks, I have started a specific whatsapp group for this trip, you are all on it and I will keep you updated via that medium if that’s okay? My provisional list of possible rivers are in no particular order and as it is a peer group I expect to be questioned on these if anyone has any issues with choice, g
  2. BE covid aware peer trip confirmed as going ahead. Social paddle into Morecambe Bay, meet the incoming tide and back maybe on the Bore Wave. Start and finish from Arnside promenade 2. Sunday 18th Oct 3. Starting --- High Water is 10.12m at 13.00 so aim to be on the water and paddle from Arnside promenade at 9.30a.m. 4. Meet at Arnside promenade at 9.20 a.m. http://www.streetmap.co.uk/map.srf?x=345440&y=478660&z=120&sv=345440,478660&st=4&ar=y&mapp=map.srf&searchp=ids.srf&dn=636&ax=345440&ay=478660&lm=0 5. Trip
  3. until
    Trip Cancelled: Sorry folks, you may have seen forecast! Very windy weather coming in, so Friday & Saturday will be too windy for paddling out into the bay. Arnside Borewave: Not exactly a river trip! But arguably advanced river skills required. You need to be good at surfing, bracing, supporting and not capsizing. we paddle out into the bay for approximately 1.5 hours, if I get my timing right we have a rest and a drink, then hopefully a decent borewave will arrive. It’s not guaranteed as channels change and radically affect the size And even existence of the wave.
  4. until
    PEER TRIP Weather looking good for this trip, Little or no wind! 1. Paddle out into Morecambe Bay, hopefully to surf the borewave back in. 9.9m tide should give a good wave 2. Friday 13th March 3. Meet at the seaward end of Arnside prom, 9.45 4. Trip leader: Chris Dale 5. Any special notes: river or sea kayaks If intending to ride bore wave must have a solid first time roll. You can join us and just follow the bore wave if you don't wish to surf on it Not suitable for novices Please read notes re river trips here: https://lakela
  5. until

    John, sounds great. If I’m up to it!?
  6. Chris D

    Arnside Borewave


    Tom, yes, river boats are best for the bore. Sunglasses might be useful tomorrow!
  7. Chris D

    Arnside Borewave

    9.9m tide and weather set fair. So hopefully the borewave should be a good one. need to start paddling out of Arnside at 8.45. Meet at the seaward end of the prom. 08.30 GMT ! probably only suitable for experienced paddlers who are not going to fall in. If the wave is good, I might be tempted to paddle Tuesday too.
  8. Brian, I might be a tad late ( 10.15? ) Hope that’s ok. Don’t wait for me when organising shuttles, Carol’s in charge of collecting me at the end.
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