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  1. Hi John. Did you have any photos from Friday night for the report?



  2. Hello Mark, I've just put my name down for Roy's event - sounds good. I've not stopped in the layby previously but the pin drop on Google satellite shows a large layby on the east-bound carriageway. So, coming from Kendal direction, drive over the river bridge and past the layby, then take right-turn (Haverthwaite road) in order to change direction and rejoin main road heading back east. That's what I plan to do anyway. Hope to see you tomorrow. John
  3. If anyone can't make it tomorrow then please let me know. thanks, John
  4. I'd like to join you but there's a bit of uncertainty about my availability. I need to speak to a colleague sometime re. impact of Bozzer's latest announcement. Will speak early in the morning. John
  5. Hi, Should anyone not be able to make it on the day, please do let me know and I'll fill that kayak! Cheers, John
  6. Hi, Let me know if you end up going down the Sprint and I'll come and support you - by jogging down the bank and watching the fun......cheers, John
  7. Hi, If anyone should need to drop out last minute, please let me know. Cheers, John
  8. If this changes to Sunday and someone can't make it then I'm keen to take their place.....thanks, John H
  9. I'm interested if a place becomes free - or a multi-group trip happens. Thanks, John
  10. I'll certainly be interested if a place becomes available on the day. I'll keep an eye out. John H
  11. If a place becomes available I'd be interested; I'll keep an eye on the website. John H
  12. JohnH

    Advanced Whitewater

    Like Pete I'd be interested in joining the group if a place becomes available.
  13. until

    RSVP says the weekend is full - is that the case or is there room for a little 'un? Happy to sleep wherever I can lay my head..... JohnH
  14. until

    I'm at a leaving do on Friday evening (which involves a paddle on W'mere) and thus will only be able to head north late, probably 8pm? Otherwise my intention would be for an early start on Saturday - what time you hoping to be on the water? John
  15. JohnH

    advanced river trip 4

    I'm up for a visit to the Leven - never been on it! John H
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