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  1. Sorry this did not happen, too much water to be able to make the eddys. I will put this on again. Roy
  2. Slalom skills on the Leven Gates under the A590 . Grade 1 to 4 BE COVID AWARE PEER trip 0. event co-ordinator. Roy Garriock 1. Trip type: river 2. Level of ability : intermediate / advanced 3. Date: 22/12/20 4. Venue : River Leven slalom site under the A590 . Park in layby. https://goo.gl/maps/TYKTnPJ9dNbDwat7A 5. Meet location / time : 11am to 2pm 6. Meet to share lifts at: Park & Play 7. Anything else: Skill levels depend on river levels. The river is likely to be high, so you will need a sound set of river paddling skills
  3. Where are we going ??
  4. Do I park in the Rugby club car park. Where is the container ? Roy
  5. Roy G

    Arnside bore

    Great I am interested but why is there nothing on the club website forum for 2016 ?
  6. Roy G

    river running skills

    How can I say for definite if im attending if i dont know where or when ? Thanks Roy Garriock PH. 07812598571
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