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Tom P

This will be a five day  event based on a campsite in the Bamburgh area. TBC. Event limited to six people.  Prime objectives would be trips to the inner and outer Farne isles, Holy Island, sections of the Northumberland coast, St Abbs Head  and possibly Dunbar (48 miles away) to Pease Bay. I envisage us arriving on the camp site the night before (13th) so we can pick the best option for day 1. Some days will involve shuttles as some trips are linear. In the event of NE or easterly winds and swell forecast we will consider going elswhere so be flexible.(poss Oban area)Big beaches, bring wheels! Due to possible bad weather and difficulties committing to booking campsites this trip may become a five night exped based in Scotland but a discussion will take place on the trip Whats App group the week before

Level; Intermediate/advanced

Leader; TomPeacock ( 07765257469)/Peer group

Date; 13 June (arrive eve to camp) If in Scotland-arrive  to get to a wild camp site.

Venue; Bamburgh area ; campsite to be confirmed.



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Hope I'm ok signing up for this trip. I'm certainly Intermediate, but I wouldn't say advanced.  I'll try to speak to someone about it. Happy to be flexible on location and plans.

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