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Lakeland Canoe Club

The tranquil sea


Club Lead / Official trip

1. Event co-ordinator TBC

2. Trip Leader leader TBC

3. Trip type:  Lake

4. Level of ability : beginner or better

5. Date: 1/4/2021

6. Venue :Tranquil sea

7. Meet location / time : TBC

8. Meet to share lifts at: Transport by US navy and paddle across, staying in local huts.

9. Anything else: 

This trip is called sea but actually on a flat lake. Hopefully it will be dark and we can get good views of the stars so bring binoculars

Please read notes re river trips here:


I am happy to co-ordinate and lead the trip. However, as we will be a team, we are jointly responsible for each other’s safety on the water.

Please ensure you carry the correct kit for the this trip.

Wind usually  negligible at the start of April

RSVP at least 2 days before the event

Guests by arrangement with organiser, prior to trip only.

Recommended Comments

I'm not strictly a beginner but if there is space I would like to come along and keep Yukari company. If the trip fills up I will bring Yukari and her boat and then paddle off in the opposite direction. 😁

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