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Lakeland Canoe Club

White Water rescue skills group 1

Event details




Wednesday evening.  This event is confirmed as going ahead as scheduled.

Event leader Mike Hayward

1. Trip type: River rescue skills

2. Level of ability : Some simple grade 2 water skills needed so improver or better

3. Date: Thursday 17th December

4. Venue : Devil's Bridge. Kirkby Lonsdale

5. Meet location / time : 9.30 a.m. 

6. Meet to share lifts at: No lift share as this is park and do venue

7. Anything else: Need at least four participants plus leader.

We will be practicing skills pertinent to rescue of a kayak and paddle. It will not require any swimming. you will have the opportunity to try at least 3 rescues. The session should last no longer than 2.5 hours. If the event is oversubscribed will run a second session starting at  13.00. This will added if session 1 is full.

If you have 2 kayaks bring them both with you, one to paddle, one to rescue.

River rescue skills  to include

  • Review of buoyancy in a river kayak
  • I can recover a floating kayak and paddle.
  • I can assist another when recovering a floating kayak and paddle.
  • I carry kit for intermediate paddle and know when and how to use it- please look the list up on the white water safety page, and bring them with you.

Please read notes re river trips here:


RSVP at least 2 days before the event


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