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Lakeland Canoe Club

Cancelled:Arnside Borewave


Event details


Trip Cancelled: 
Sorry folks, you may have seen forecast! Very windy weather coming in, so Friday & Saturday will be too windy 
for paddling out into the bay. 

Arnside Borewave:
Not exactly a river trip! But arguably advanced river skills required. You need to be good at surfing, bracing, supporting and not capsizing. 

we paddle out into the bay for approximately 1.5 hours, if I get my timing right we have a rest and a drink, then hopefully a decent borewave will arrive. 
It’s not guaranteed as channels change and radically affect the size And even existence of the wave. 
meet at far end of Arnside prom. Outside Ashmeadow. at 9.45 ready to paddle at 10

Weather Dependent: Windy conditions will cancel the trip/delay it for 25 hours. 
will make a call on Thursday evening re. Suitability of the weather  


Event detail


Peer Group Trip

1. Trip type: Borewave , Surfing!?

2. Level of ability : Advanced 

3. Date: Friday 21st August

4. Venue : Arnside 

5. Meet location / time : Far end of prom  near Ashmeadow

6. Meet to share lifts at: 

7. Anything else: River or sea kayak


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