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Ullswater circumnavigation continuation trip

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Tom P

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Change of plan. We will now meet at the new car park at Pooley Bridge at 1000 am hopefully after the others have departed. This is a peer group day trip and we will make a final plan when we all meet. My mobile is 07765257469 if anybody is running late etc.


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Hi Tom, I'm really sorry but Linda and I will likely pull out of the Ullswater Trip. I fully understand your rationale for changing the arrangements - and I have zero complaint. However, the new plans don't really work for us. I realise this leaves you high and dry - on your own - and I apologise again for that. I'll give it further thought this morning and let you know sooner rather than later today. Given that we won't be meeting up with the original 6 in any case - we may still paddle from Pooley Bridge but delayed by an hour to give us a friendlier start from our long Skipton drive. 

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Hi Pete

Thats fine.I live almost on Ullswater and my aim was to join the first paddle to get to know more club sea paddlers--I can and do paddle Ullswater any time..If nobody else shows any interest I will cancel it. If you do decide to start from the original venue an hour later let me know and I may join you assuming no body has booked on the continuation trip.

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Hi Tom

I would like to join you on Wednesday.  I am coming from the Keswick end so Glencoyne suits me, but it would be great to see Pete as well so I don't mind a Pooley Bridge start

Cheers Julian


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Julian, Tom. In light of both your comments....Linda and I would still like to do the trip, but with a later start (It's quite a hike from Skipton). If We're guaranteed company, I propose, as above, meet at 1000 at Pooley Bridge. If that works, I'm happy to post yet another trip, although it would make sense just to change Tom's continuation trip?? Cheers Pete

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Ok Tom....I won't put our names to this trip just yet then. If you are sticking with this time and venue I'll post a 3rd trip!! 1000 from Pooley Bridge. This allows us to miss wave 1 and more critically means a civilised start for our 1 hr 45 drive up there. Hoping we can combine......and would be great if Robin was open to this too.

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Pete; It would suit me to move to Pooley Bridge at 1000 but as as yet I am still awaiting Robins answer before I change my trip location or time. As soon as I know I will post something.

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Trip now on for 1000 meet at the new car park at Pooley Bridge. Try not to arrive too early in case the first group are late away. Is this ok with everybody ?

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