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Lakeland Canoe Club

Kent Estuary - Intermediate

Event details



PEER trip

Organiser : Simon Lerpiniere / 07811144461

1. Trip type: Sea

2. Level of ability : Intermediate

3. Date: 20/06/2020

4. Venue : Arnside

5. Meet location / time : 9am, Arnside, West end of the promenade (https://goo.gl/maps/KCBWDp9MXREbuVks6). High tide is 11:30 local, aiming to be on the water for 9:30.

6. Meet to share lifts at: No lift share due to Covid-19.

7. Weather : We ideally need calm conditions for this one, if winds are forecast >20mph, this trip will not run.

8. Anything else : Please bring warm kit.  You'll need lunch and a drink.  Make sure you've read the club's (and British Canoeing) guidance regarding kayaking during lockdown.  Suggest arriving early to avoid parking issues.

Note: this is a peer trip.  This is not a trip I have done before, I'm working my way through the guide from Jim Krawiecki, this is number 20, and listed as Grade B.  I'm happy to arrange and co-ordinate, but I will most likely not be the most experienced kayaker on the water.  Make sure you are fully self sufficient.

Please RSVP on the calendar by Friday evening.  Check on Saturday morning first thing to ensure it's still running before travelling.


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Hi Simon

I dont have the guide book mentioned, do you have any other detail?  Ok with standard of paddling and self sufficiency, just curious as to the route. The venue mentions Roa Island Slipway south of Barrow?


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Venue was wrong! (copy paste error). It's from Arnside. We paddle out into the bay some way and ride the tide back in. Paddle up the estuary to Sandside (or further if we can) on the flood, lunch break, back on the ebb. Will be tricky to navigate the bay channels, but becoming less of an issue as the tide comes in. Mike has done recently so giving me some idea of where the channel currently runs.

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