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LCC AGM Monday 11th December ×
Lakeland Canoe Club
LCC AGM Monday 11th December

Eden, Armathwaite to Wetherall,

Event details

The day should be grd 1- 2 poss easy grd 3, 

I am aiming to share days I have enjoyed on the river and encourage more open boaters to do trips ( just as Eric Dewhurst and Mike  Sunderland did for me ) 

Having said that you will need to be competent in moving water grd1-2 

British Canoeing Moderate Water remit specifies one leader to a maximum number of four participants.

1. Event coordinator: Tom Bamber 

2. Trip Leader: Tom Bamber 

3. Trip type: River

4. Level of ability,  Improver Moderate Water ie. Grade 2 (3)

5. Date: 03/11/2022

6. Venue/Meet/Share Lifts:   Will meet at 10:00

7. Anything else: shuttle cars to Steeles Bank wetheral,  return armathwaite aim to be on the water by 11.00

8. Limit will be 6 paddlers unless joined by another leader, 

Bring a Picnic and a Warm Flask for a stop along the way. Also aim to find some rapids to play on ( photo op ) 

Please read notes regarding river trips here …….


I am happy to co-ordinate and lead the trip. However, as we will be a team, we are jointly responsible for each other’s safety on the water.

Please ensure you carry the correct kit for the trip you are attending. We can discuss any questions about the kit required and/or alternatively…….


There is a link at the bottom of the page for Kit. There are other useful links, all of which are recommended reading.

Could I emphasize ......

Dry suits only - in summer it might be possible to manage without a dry suit, but in winter an early dip has more severe consequences for the individual concerned and the rest of the group , ( guest Andy Rushton joining the trip , form completed ) 

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