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LCC AGM Monday 11th December

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Lakeland Canoe Club Photographic Competition 2022

The competition will be judged at a special meeting of the Lakeland Canoe Club at the Factory Tap on Wednesday December 7th 2022.

Following successful competitions in 2019 and 2020, it has been decided to hold another competition in 2022.

The rules of the competition are simple. Any photograph entered into the competition must have been taken by the person submitting the entry and that person must be a full member of the Lakeland Canoe Club. Any format or resolution of photograph can be entered (but see guidelines below). No age restrictions on the photos, but no resubmissions from earlier competitions. Each photograph must have an appropriate TITLE, but the title should not be superimposed on the image.

Photographs will be judged in three categories and up to 3 photographs can be entered in each category, by each member. Please state the category on your entries.




River and Sea should feature canoe/kayak adventure photos. Photos do not have to be from club trips, but should involve a club member. Miscellaneous covers anything else of interest, from a canoe/kayak trip, including wildlife, sights, curiosities, people

Entries must be submitted by email to Martin Powell (mjpowell@f2s.com) Maximum single email size 25MB (approx 18MB attachment). Write 'LCC Photo Competition' in the subject line.

Deadline is Friday 2nd December 2022.


Photographs will be judged by displaying images on the club projector. Unfortunately, our projector only has a resolution of 1280x800 pixels (WXGA). Therefore image quality will be limited by this resolution. You can still submit images of higher resolution, but be aware that they will be downsized, when displayed. Photos with 16:10 aspect ratio in landscape mode will fill the screen. All other aspects will result in black bands at top or sides, which may be a disadvantage. All images will be displayed in a 'best fit' mode to the 1280x800 display. Lower resolution images will be automatically upscaled, while higher resolution images will be downsized.

Photographs should be sent by email in adequate resolution, without downsizing . Be aware that some email programs automatically downsize images, which could be a major disadvantage. For large images, send separate emails.

Good luck!

Martin Powell



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