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Lakeland Canoe Club

Ailsa Craig (postponed 2021 event)


Event details

Event details

Event details

AILSA CRAIG (2021 trip carried forwards to 2022)

Trip Leader Andy Murphy

Sunday August 7th - Tuesday August 9th 2022 

This trip is now full

MAXIMUM OF 3 - Postponed trip from 2021 - this trip is now full -

Long-standing commitments from the 2021 signatories and their current availability.

(HW Greenock = HW Dover +0112 ±25mins)

Sunday 7th Aug  (HWGreenock 0728, LWGreenock 1343, HWGreenock 2021)

Monday 8th Aug (LWGreenock 0227, HWGreenock 0849, LWGreenock 1454, HWGreenock 2156)

Tuesday 9th Aug (LW Greenock 0345, HWGreenock 1023, LWGreenock 1605, HWGreenock 2316)

Tidal streams are generally weak (0.6kts) but  these run 90° across the proposed track and so the intention, using times above, is to paddle the last 2 hours of flood and first 2 hours of ebb(ish)according to times above. Tide floods NE and ebbs SW.  Offshore direct distance (1 way) is 14km. Additional navigation information to be added and shared nearer the time. (Initial projection is to start crossing at HW Greenock Sunday evening 2021 -0200 = 1821.)

This event is weather and swell dependent (rocks/boulder coastline landing) and so will go ahead only in settled conditions with a good forecast. 


Co-ordinator : Andy Murphy

1. Trip type:  Sea:  Sunday 7th / Mon 8th  August 2022 crossing to Ailsa Craig from Lendalfoot. Camp on Ailsa Craig for Sunday 7th overnight. If the forecasted weather is unsatisfactory the group to explore and agree alternative venues and possibilities. 

2. Level of ability:  Advanced  - max 3. All equipment to be self-contained and Covid secure.

3. Dates: Sunday 7th / Monday 8th August 2022: Arriving Sunday evening so allowing 3 days flexibility. Group to decide actual crossing dates and times.

4. Venue :  Lendalfoot - Ailsa Craig return.

5. Meet location/time /departure : to be agreed Sunday afternoon evening. The car park at Lendalfoot is ideally placed for van-camping the night before.

6. Meet to share lifts at?: All paddling, camping, cooking and bivis (self-reliant and self-sufficient).  

7. Anything else: 

Ailsa Craig is uninhabited (no safe water supply) and so all equipment for a safe overnight + extras must be carried. 

The landing at Ailsa Craig is not straightforward in any swell or chop and in the event of being unable to land an immediate return journey may have to be made having had 'no stretch of the legs'. 

Easterly winds are notoriously fickle in this area with afternoon winds often generated above those forecast so packing extra food / fuel and a willingness to 'ride it out' is required. This may involve a night-paddle return.

Pee-bottles useful. 

Any questions or further information required contact Andy Murphy.

Please read notes regarding trip protocols and definitions here:



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