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LCC AGM Monday 11th December ×
Lakeland Canoe Club
LCC AGM Monday 11th December

Navigation for sea-kayakers. Series of 3:  1) Thursday Nov 4th. 2) Thursday Dec 2nd. 3) Thursday January 13th 2022.


Event details

A series of 3 x 1½ hrs sessions at Kendal Rugby Club. 1. Thursday Nov 4th @19.30 2. Thursday Dec 2nd @19.30  3. Thursday January 13th 2022 @19.30   

To enable logical progression and content delivery those signing up must be able to do all 3 sessions.  So as to maximise opportunities for club members please only sign up if you are sure you can attend all 3 sessions. 

No previous experience of sea-kayak navigation required or necessary. 

Outline general format for the 3 sessions as follows

  • deck-top navigation principles and equipment,
  • charts vs. maps,
  • scales nM, km, M, distance and speed,
  • direction and terminology: heading, bearing, course over ground, track, course to steer, drift,
  • simple pilotage /buoyage,
  • position fixing and transits,
  • tides and tidal streams,
  • passage planning,
    • linear trips inshore
    • <5km crossings
    • >5km crossings and considerations for offshore paddling.
  • We'll work towards planning trips that you'd eventually like to do - and maybe even try some out.
  • If there's a demand; GPS fundamentals,... and anything else which occurs to any of us as the series develops.

Max of 12 to RSVP in the usual way with each person to pay £10 (3x£3.33+1p) to LCC by BACS to cover room hire. 

Additional information will be sent out to RSVP individuals prior to Thurs Nov 4th by email. 

The signing on process is as follows ...

  1. RSVP in the usual way.
  2. Pay £10 to the LCC account using sort code 204528 and account number 80558613 using reference SKN2021/1/1-3 and your initials - e.g. SKN2021/1/1-3AM (Andy Murphy)
  3. When your name appears on the RSVP list and you have paid LCC send your email address to me (andymtw@talktalk.net) and I'll send out additional information towards the end of October. 

Everyone has to start somewhere ... literally ... so go for it. 

Any questions or further information required? ...call me on 07471 890975.

Andy Murphy




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