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Be inspired - Evening talk

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 "Small beginnings to big drops” and into the Scorch.

Dave Fussilli Pyranha sponsored paddler

US based Dave Fusilli, Demshitz founder, big waterfall paddler, and kayak designer, shares his experiences and  inspiration.

Dave will chat with  us via Zoom.

LCC members  free, Guest welcome, suggested donation £5.

19.00 Wednesday Dec 22nd   Venue KURFC


Xmas social after the talk.

Free parking and bar available. 

Lecture followed by a social chat, maybe make plans for future trips.

Please RSVP so we know how many to expect.

Guests pleas e-mail LCC here lakelandcanoeclub@gmail.com

to let us know you are coming

Dave says he would like Q&A as part of the talk so his bio is here.

Send you Questions to Mike Hayward

Dave Fusilli is a Pyranha sponsored paddler. As part of his session he has requested Q&A about his experiences. Here is his Bio. Please send your question to Mike Hayward asap.

 - I have basically been a sponsored Pyranha Paddler/Team Manager and now west coast Rep/shipping and receiving for 14 years.  

I helped start the fun loving brand called demshitz.  A big accomplishment there was one of our hand signs, the Brown claw went worldwide.  There was even a paddler that threw the brow claw after his slalom run in the Olympics.... I'm pretty sure he placed as well.   Demshitz had several big branding partnerships.  There was a Werner Demshitz Paddle, Shred Ready Demshitz Helmet, Immersion Research Demshitz Shorts, and this one tops them all because I'm damn sure no other kayak crew had a Beer, but yes Bonfire Brewing made a Demshitz Brown Ale.   The Demshitz brand is still alive, but needs a little love at the moment.  The days of living in a van have passed most of us.  I spent 8 Years traveling around the US in the Pyranha van competing and visiting dealers.   We did 3 trips to Chile, paddled in Ecuador, Austria, Uganda, all over Canada. I think it was 2016 I made the US freestyle team and competed at Worlds on the Ottawa. 

I have been posting media and making youtube and instagram video's this entire time as well.   You can look back and find videos of demshitz from 07-08.  I still have a strong presence as far as social media goes.  It's funny to me because when I was traveling in the van, going from event to event, town to town for all those years people recognized me, but not as much as now.   Now I have an actual home, with water, a roof... all this nice stuff so I'm in one spot more.  Now I get more people that know me more than ever.  It's funny how the world is connected these days. 

What else.... I think demshitz helped to open up the big waterfall game.  I still feel this way..we always said Demshitz is everyone.  We are all demshitz .  That's because we didn't want to be some exclusive kayak crew.  We paddled with anyone and everyone and paddlers could feel that love.   I think this is why it became so popular.  Kayaking is fun and that's all there is to it.  That being said, that is exactly how I am.  I was a raft guide in Pennsylvania reading Magazines and watching kayak videos... just dreaming of going to these places.  I had no idea how I would afford to go to the west coast or get up to Skookumchuck to surf this amazing wave.  Well one day, I feel only because I worked hard, I was given the keys to the Pyranha Van back in 2007 and was told to go stir it up out there.   That is my overall greatest accomplishment.   Kayaking is all about seeing new places and that has and will always be my main focus for this sport.  I don't have crazy accomplishments other than I'm realllllly good at having fun and spreading that vibe. 

Fast forward a bit, I now live in White Salmon, working for Pyranha and this year I was given the opportunity to make my dream kayak!   Each year at Pyranha, about this time of the year, we start chatting about what boat we will design next.   Well for the last 4ish years I have kept saying... "how about a 10 foot creek boat with tons of rocker" 

This year the squeaky got his turn!   I helped design the Scorch, but the Scorch X I had the final say on each inch of that boat.  From bow to stern, all the deck lines .. you name it.    This kayak will change what is run in a kayak and how fast.  My focus was a really fun and dry ride.  I knew it would be fast, but I didn't care about fast.  Basically, it came down to this,  I wanted more rocker in a kayak.  My favorite thing in a kayak these days is planning out from a drop or skipping over a feature.  I knew if a 9 foot boat had the amount of rocker that I wanted it just would not perform.   I was thinking of all these old heads that ran tons of hard whitewater in 10 foot boats and I just knew that was the way.  I also knew that with the rocker that I wanted on the Scorch X the boat would paddle or turn like a much shorter kayak.  This year my dreams came true and the Scorch X was born!!!!!!   Thanks sooooooo much Pyranha!  




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