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    25 November 2023

    Skills / play on the Leven. 
    1. Event co-ordinator: Neil Gill 
    2. Trip Leader leader: Neil Gill 
    3. Trip type: white water kayaks. 
    4. Level of ability: Intermediate
    5. Date: Saturday 25/11/2023
    6. Venue: The Leven
    7. Meet location / time : 09.30
    8. Meet to share lifts at: Meet at Newby Bridge
    9. Anything else: Warm drinks/ packed lunch
    Please read notes here:
    I am happy to co-ordinate and lead the trip. However, as we will be a team, we are jointly responsible for each other’s safety on the water.
    Please ensure you carry the correct kit for the trip you are attending - decent helmet a must (https://lakelandcanoeclub.wordpress.com/whitewater-safety-helmets/) and drysuit recommended!
    Please also familiarise yourself with these river signals https://lakelandcanoeclub.wordpress.com/whitewater-safety-river-signals/ although we will go through these on the day.
    Whatsapp group will be set up before hand. 
    RSVP at least 1 day before the event
    If I haven't paddled with you before please contact me to discuss (via WhatsApp: I'm in LCC River Kayaking number ending 174)
    Guests by arrangement with organiser, prior to trip only 

    Event details

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    25 November 2023 10:00 AM

    Weather looks good for tomorrow but will be COLD.
    9.30am meeting at the large Fellfoot carpark nearest to the exit. Trolley down to lakeside.
    we can share trolleys if you don’t have one.
    A circuit of the southern half of Windermere.
    From Fell Foot National Trust carpark.
    North along the east side of the lake as far as the Boat Museum for lunch break and coffee. Return along the west side of the lake to Fell Foot. 12km each way. Back at car park by 3.30pm. Or lunch at the cafe at W. ferry stop if conditions are not great..
    parking free for NT members, so car share with a member. 
    Park at the farthest parking area at southern part of fell foot then trolley boats to the lakeside.
    1. Event co-ordination: John Speakman 
    2. Trip Leader: John Speakman 
    3. Trip Type: Lake
    4. Level of ability: confident beginner plus.Sea Kayaks/River boats. We will go at the pace of the slowest paddler. 
    NEW members very welcome.
    Open Canoe if it’s not windy!!
    5. Date. Saturday 25th November 
    6. Venue. Fell Foot Windermere 
    7. Meet 9.30am in South carpark at Fell Foot. 
    8. Bring lunch and drink, we will have a lunch break at the Boat Museum cafe or Joey’s cafe at ferry stop W.
    9. Good to share lifts if possible. 

    10. Warm gear, dry suit or good separates. Carry spare clothing in boat if not wearing a dry suit.
    11. Weather conditions may affect level of paddler’s acceptable on the trip.
    Read trip notes:https://lakelandcanoeclub.wordpress.com/levels-of-experience/
    I am happy to lead, however we will be a team, we are jointly responsible for each other’s safety.
    RSVP at least 2 days before the event.
    Guests by arrangement with organiser.

    Event details

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