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LCC AGM Monday 11th December


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    02 November 2023 12:00 AM

    It looks like a reasonable amount of rain through the night tonight - in the Pennines, east of the Lakes. Ideally I'd like to paddle a lesser paddled river such as the Upper Swale (continuous gd3.) or other. There may not be enough rain? But if there is, the very top Cover is another hot contender. If spate doesn't happen, a fall back might be Upper Rawthey or Ribble etc. I'm not looking for anything too hairy as I reintroduce myself to harder WW.
    Whilst I’m looking at potentially gd. 2/3 and possibly 4, these spate rivers require sharp paddling skills at the grade. Plenty of unknowns, including fallen trees, demand the ability to run long, continuous sections often without inspection. You must be able to hit small eddies and play a strong part within the team. The trip is therefore advertised as 'Advanced'.
    1. Event co-ordinator & Leader - Pete Riley
    2. Trip type: Spate river grade 2 / 3 continuous. Possibly gd4 sections.
    3. Level of ability:  Very competent grade 3 - see above.
    4. Date: Thursday 2nd Nov.
    5. Venue & Meet & Lift Sharing Locations: TBC - depends on water & group, to be determined 0800hrs at on the day of paddling.
    6. Anything else:
    I am happy to co-ordinate and lead the trip. However, as we will be a team, we are jointly responsible for each other’s safety on the water.   WW kayaks only. RSVP limit of 5, but I'll consider increasing if the team strength allows splitting into 2 sub groups. Please read notes re river trips here: Whitewater Safety , which gives useful information on: Important Kit, River Signals, Whitewater Safety Skills Helmets
    Ensure you carry the correct kit for the trip and be familiar with the accepted river signals.

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    02 November 2023 10:00 AM

    Thursday Morning 02/11/2023
    Preposing Middle Lune
    Meet at Killington too make final commitment (other rivers are close)
    Meet at .........
    J36 by Canal at 0930
    and / or
    Killington Bridge at 1000
    Could you let us know which option you choose on the What's App Group please
    Any other questions or clarifications could be done on the What's App Group
    The level of ability for these paddling trips is aimed at people who wish to consolidate at an Intermediate standard.
    British Canoeing Moderate Water remit specifies one leader to a ma ximum number of four participants. If I include an experienced helper that leaves three places available.
    1. Event coordinator: Brian Clough
    2. Trip Leader: Brian Clough
    3. Trip type: River
    4. Level of Ability: Intermediate ie. Mainly Grade 3 but maybe an option of 3+
    5. Date: 02/11/2023
    6. Venue/Meet/Share Lifts: Meet at 10:00
    7. If I haven't paddled with you before please contact me to discuss via WhatsApp: I'm in LCC River Kayaking (number ending 948).
    8. Anything else:
    Bring a Picnic and a Warm Flask for a stop along the way.
    Please read notes regarding river trips here …….
    I am happy to co-ordinate and lead the trip. However, as we will be a team, we are jointly responsible for each other’s safety on the water.
    Please ensure you carry the correct kit for the trip you are attending. We can discuss any questions about the kit required and/or alternatively…….
    There is a link at the bottom of the page for Kit. There are other useful links, all of which are recommended reading.
    Could I emphasize ......
    Dry suits only - in summer it might be possible to manage without a dry suit, but in winter an early dip has more severe consequences for the individual concerned and can spoil the day for the rest of the group.
    Kayak specific helmets with protection over temples and ears must be worn on theses trips. Something like a Sweet Rocker as oppose to a Sweet Strutter - other brands are available
    Details can be found here…….
    The club does have a number of kayak specific helmets available for hire

    Could I also draw your attention to …….

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