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    02 October 2020      04 October 2020

    Event details
    PEER  trip
    Co-oridnator: Duncan Goulder (07730411538)
    1. Trip type:  Sea - 2 day coastal trip (24km & 15km) with overnight camp & shuttles.
    2. Level of ability : Intermediate
    3. Date: Sat 3rd Oct - Sun 4th Oct
    4. Venue : Flamborough -> Filey / Filey -> Scarbourgh
    5. Meet location / time : The plan is to meet at a local campsite (to be arranged) on Friday evening & discuss/impliment shuttle arrangements to allow us to be on the water at Flamborough South Landing around 0800 on Saturday. This will allow us to round the headland during the first hour of the north going stream & hopefully not be hindered by an eddy that may form beyond it.
    6. Meet to share lifts at: no lift share due to Covid.
    7. Anything else: 
    Some parts of this trip will involve exposed sections of coastline with some tidal movement and no escape routes. Where landing is possible there is a chance of needing to come through surf.
    I expect the format to be 2x day trips covering a continuous linear distance facilitated by shuttles. The overnight stay will be at a local campsite as I'm not familiar with this section of coastline & don't know how feisable a wildcamp would be. The plus side of that is we'll probably be paddling lightly loaded boats which may allow the opportunity to play in the surf & enjoy some rockhopping en-route as & where conditions are suitable.
    Day 1: Flamborough to Filey (24km). Spring tide with a max rate of 2-3kn at the headland.
    Day 2: Filey to Scarborough (15km). A more civilised start is possible today. Max rate 2kn at Filey Brigg.
    Please send me a whatsapp (07730411538) once you've RSVP'd so that I can communicate with you all as a group to confirm or adjust arrangements.
    All weather dependent etc. see wind and waves forecast here:
    Please read notes re trips here: https://lakelandcanoeclub.wordpress.com/trips/
    Make sure you've read the club's (and British Canoeing) guidance regarding kayaking during lockdown. 
    Note: this is a peer trip.  I'm happy to arrange and co-ordinate, but I will most likely not be the most experienced kayaker on the water.  Make sure you are fully self sufficient.
    RSVP at least 2 days before the event
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    LCC Intermediate Sea Trips 2 Comments

    04 October 2020

    PEER  trip
    Trip confirmed
    Event co-ordinator Mike Hayward 
    1. Trip type: river 
    2. Level of ability : advanced 
    3. Date: Sunday 4th October
    4. Venue : Roeburn see notes below
    5. Meet location / time : 10.00 at river at Wray bridge in village.
    6. Meet to share lifts at: NO lift share due to Covid
    7. Anything else: 
    The rains fell but levels now declining will try Roeburn and if insufficient water we will go to Ribble. Can do Ingleton Greta after is anyone is keen.
    Only RSVP if you are prepare to paddle grade 4.
    Bring face mask to share shuttle or arrange your own shuttle.
    A pennine river  if in sufficient rain trip will be cancelled
    Please read notes re river trips here:
    RSVP at least 2 days before the event
    No guests 

    Event details

    LCC Advanced River Trips 3 Comments

    6 users have RSVPed, including

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    04 October 2020 09:30 AM

    PEER trip
    Background: I'm fairly new to canoeing, but I'm an experienced WW (and sea) kayaker.  I will be paddling tandem with my brother in-law (experienced canoeist, but not on WW).  We have 4 more spaces available.
    Organiser : Simon Lerpiniere / 07811144461
    1. Trip type : River (open boats only please)
    2. Level of ability : Improver or better. Suitable for those with moving water experience only. Solo or tandem paddlers.
    3. Date : 04/10/2020
    4. Venue : TBC (Saturday evening) via WhatsApp group of those attending.  Grade 2, we'll portage any bigger weirs or rapids.  Will be Lake District (eg. Eden) or nearby (eg. Lune).
    5. Meet location / time : 10.30am
    6. Meet to share lifts at : No lift share due to Covid-19.
    7. Weather : We need at least a little bit of water, and ideally not too windy.
    8. Anything else : Running shuttles with mitigation, so please bring your own face covering.
    Please make sure you've read the club's (and British Canoeing) guidance regarding kayaking and Covid-19.  Please read notes re river trips here: https://lakelandcanoeclub.wordpress.com/trips/
    Note: this is a peer trip.  I am happy to co-ordinate and organise the trip, but we are all responsible for each other on the water.
    Please RSVP on the calendar by Friday evening.  Check on WhatsApp Sunday morning first thing to ensure suitable river levels and the trip is running.

    Event details

    LCC Open boat trip 1 Comment

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