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    27 October 2020 09:30 AM      03:30 PM

    OFFICIAL  trip
    0. event co-ordinator:  Mike Sunderland
    1. Trip type:             Mid-week sea kayak 
    2. Level of ability :  Beginners/improvers - all welcome approx 20K paddle
    3. Date:  Tues 27 Oct
    4. Venue:  Lake Ullswater - access off the Glenridding Rd A592.  free lay-bys on lakeside between AiraForce and Glencoyne car park or for convenience pay for parking at Glencoyne.
    5. Meet location / time :  9.30am - on water for 10am opposite Glencoyne car park - CA11 0QT
    6. Meet to share lifts at:  Not recommended or required
    7. Anything else:   
    High tide at:  N/A
    Low tide at:  N/A
    Arrive for 9.30am, change and ready for 10.00am on the water.
    Boats loaded for a day out - lunch, spare clothes.  Participants must be totally self sufficient.
    X6 participants, including myself.
    Contact Mike Sunderland direct for any queries/questions
    Coaching.cumbria@vol.britishcanoeing.org.uk - 0797 5946 312
    I will WhatsApp on the LCC sea kayak group when this trip goes live - finer details to be checked/confirmed
    All mid-week trips are organised on a Tuesday or a Wednesday,  organised for LCC members and registered guests ( max of x3 trips before membership is essential)
    Autumn mid-week dates - both local trips on sea or estuaries and further afield trips - south Scotland and NE coast.
    Tues 1 Sept - Tues 8 Sept  - Weds 30 Sept  -  Tues 6 Oct   -  Weds 14 Oct  -  Weds 21 Oct cancelled -  Tues 27 Oct  -  Weds 4 Nov  -  Weds 11 Nov  -  Tues 17 Nov - Weds 25 Nov
    Tues 1 Dec  -  Weds 9 Dec  -  Tues 15 Dec  -  Weds 23 Dec
    RSVP at least 2 days before the event
    Guests by arrangement with organiser, prior to trip only.

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