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    18 October 2020      24 October 2020

    be covid aware
    Cancelled due to covid regulations in Scotland trip now going to Devon
    Peer trip
    The now annual river paddling trip to explore the  rivers of Sutherland and surroundings.
    Paddling rivers grade 3/4. Staying in Lairg in cottage.
    Trip was advertised in  LCC Newsletter in January. Trip now full, but can have a reserve list in event of fallout.
    Dates Oct 18 to 25
    Will travel up Sunday and hopefully paddle a river on the way.
    Staying in cottage form Sunday evening.
    Travel arrangements sorted nearer time.
    trip Co-ordinator  Mike Hayward

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    24 October 2020 09:00 AM

    PEER  trip
    0. Event co-ordinator Mark McGuire 
    1. Trip type: river 
    2. Level of ability : Advanced only
    3. Date: Saturday 24th October 
    4. Venue : hopefully the Clough ( I’ll keep trying 😁)
    5. Meet location / time : 10.00
    6. Meet to share lifts at: NO lift share due to Covid
    7. Anything else: 
    Bring face mask to share shuttle or arrange your own shuttle.
    Hope to get on the Clough or Sprint or similar if we get enough water.
    Happy to coordinate but hoping I get people on trip who are familiar with river and more experienced 😉
    Please read notes re river trips here:
    RSVP at least 2 days before the event
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