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    14 October 2020 08:00 AM      03:30 PM

    OFFICIAL  trip
    0. event co-ordinator:  Mike Sunderland
    1. Trip type:             Mid-week sea kayak 
    2. Level of ability :  improvers  / intermediate / advanced all welcome approx 15k paddle
    3. Date:  Wednesday 14 Oct
    4. Venue :  Workington harbour to Whitehaven harbour
    5. Meet location / time :  Workington harbour 9am
    MEET in FREE car parking through industrial estate, out on peninsula.  post code:  CA14 2JS
    6. Meet to share lifts at:  Not recommended or required
    7. Anything else:   We plan a CV Safe shuttle with face masks, windows open, sanitising from Workington to Whitehaven
    if winds too high, we will explore the harbour and Derwent Estuary, with a short shuttle, catching the ebb tide.
    High tide at Workington  10.30am
    Low tide at Workington and Whitehaven 16.45 ish
    Arrive at Workington harbour for 9am, change and ready for shuttle 9.30am on water for 11.00am of before
    Boats loaded for a day out - lunch, spare clothes.  Participants must be totally self sufficient.
    X6 participants, including myself.
    Contact Mike Sunderland direct for any queries/questions
    Coaching.cumbria@vol.britishcanoeing.org.uk - 0797 5946 312
    I will WhatsApp on the LCC sea kayak group when this trip goes live - finer details to be checked/confirmed
    All mid-week trips are organised on a Tuesday or a Wednesday,  organised for LCC members and registered guests ( max of x3 trips before membership is essential)
    Autumn mid-week dates - both local trips on sea or estuaries and further afield trips - south Scotland and NE coast.
    Tues 1 Sept - Tues 8 Sept  - Weds 30 Sept  -  Tues 6 Oct   -  Weds 14 Oct  -  Weds 21 Oct cancelled -  Tues 27 Oct  -  Weds 4 Nov  -  Weds 11 Nov  -  Tues 17 Nov - Weds 25 Nov
    Tues 1 Dec  -  Weds 9 Dec  -  Tues 15 Dec  -  Weds 23 Dec
    RSVP at least 2 days before the event
    Guests by arrangement with organiser, prior to trip only.

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