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    10 October 2020

    Not much water about again so meet at the Duddon egress 10.30am

    PEER  trip
    0. Event co-ordinator Mark McGuire 
    1. Trip type: river 
    2. Level of ability : Advanced only
    3. Date: Saturday 10th October 
    4. Venue : tbc. 
    5. Meet location / time : 10.00
    6. Meet to share lifts at: NO lift share due to Covid
    7. Anything else: 
    Bring face mask to share shuttle or arrange your own shuttle.
    Hope to get on the Clough or Sprint or similar if we get enough water.
    Happy to coordinate but hoping I get people on trip who are familiar with river and more experienced 😉
    Please read notes re river trips here:
    RSVP at least 2 days before the event
    No guests 

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    10 October 2020 09:00 AM

    PEER trip
    Organiser : Simon Lerpiniere / 07811144461
    Open to all improver & intermediate paddlers.  These trips are not a series, you don't need to have attended the past one.
    Background: A great way to learn and improve skills is via focused and structured practice.  I'm working towards my white water kayak leader assessment having completed my training last year.  Including structured and fun sessions on the water is part of the award, but also great for your and my skills too.
    The aim of this session will be picking, and hitting lines.  We will be assessing each rapid from the bank, talking about it, choosing a line, trying to hit it, then getting out and trying again.  We'll pick a short-ish section of river with easy options for retries on the various rapids.  You might be aiming for the easiest possible line, or the hardest possible line.  We may even pick out some challenges if it's too easy!
    1. Trip type : River
    2. Level of ability : Improver (please leave spaces for improvers).
    3. Date : 10/10/2020
    4. Venue : TBC, by Saturday morning 8am
    5. Meet location / time : 10.00am
    6. Meet to share lifts at : No lift share due to Covid-19.
    7. Weather : We'll ideally have a bit of water for this to give us a different river option.
    8. Anything else : Running shuttles with mitigation, so please bring your own face covering or organise your own shuttle.
    Please make sure you've read the club's (and British Canoeing) guidance regarding kayaking and Covid-19.  Please read notes re river trips here: https://lakelandcanoeclub.wordpress.com/trips/
    Note: this is a peer trip.  I am happy to co-ordinate and organise the trip, but we are all responsible for each other on the water.
    Please RSVP on the calendar by Friday evening.  Check on WhatsApp Saturday morning first thing to ensure suitable river levels and the trip is running.

    Event details

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