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  1. Used but not abused. £175 Contact Sten 07835448621 The website won't let me up load a picture just let me know if you might be interested.
  2. £180 Used but not abused no deep scratches, no splits or repairs. Contact Sten 07835448621
  3. £300 Well used but no splits or welds Contact Sten 07835448621
  4. Sten Sture

    Evening WW, Leven.


    Level is very low and I am not keen on going for a scrape. I will be taking a sea kayak on Coniston instead. If anybody is interested.. Meet at Brown Howe 18:30
  5. Sten Sture

    River Washburn

    I have just pre registered. Brian and I are planning to meet at J36 to share a lift. Rob and Mark do you want to meet us at the river? I am hoping to demo some different boats while I am there.
  6. until
    Sten and Angela are going out for a Sea kayak rescue practice session. If anybody would like to join us we are planning to go the East side of Coniston Water. Parking at Machell Coppice car park SD310952, aiming to get there at 10:00. No obligation to get wet if you want to just come along and be sociable we will provide the entertainment.
  7. Sten Sture

    Walney Chanel

    Short notice trip.Angla and Sten are planning to paddle from Jubilee Bridge to the South end of Walney Island and back. Setting off from Ferry Pitchings (the slipway 100m north of the bridge) at 10:00. Stopping for a picnic on Piel Island back at the car around 14:30 - 15:00. Suitable for sea and touring kayaks. Light westerly winds 11C Sunny all day. Low water 12:31
  8. Sten Sture

    Intermediate/Advanced Trip

    I will dust off my Schlegel paddle, but I won't be using it. The gear in the good old days was not always so good.
  9. Ok Sue see you there. Mark and I will meet at mine. Matt do you want picking up? If so around 08:40.
  10. Mark from Barrow Sue and Sten from Ulverston and Matt from Greenodd. We could all go in one but there are three big boats so it might be tight on the roof rack. Open to suggestions but as an opening gambit how about I pick Sue up and Mark and Matt meet up at Greenodd?
  11. Hi Grant, my mobile is 07835448621 just in case. Where are you travelling from?
  12. until
    A multi day sea kayaking trip probably NW Scotland. Final destination and route will be decided nearer the time. Maximum group size of six, three places are taken already. We need a minimum of two cars so there will be an option to share transport but if we get another three takers it will probably be worth taking a third car. Preferably, weather permitting, this would be a seven or eight day self supported journey. We try to enjoy these trips so typically cover 25 - 30 KM / day. Though will we do longer days if need be. This is a peer trip, not a guided tour so all participants should be self sufficient as well as being part of the team. If you want to know more ask Sten, Angela, or Mike
  13. Sten Sture

    Last Minute Leven

    Not an official club trip. Trip co-ordinator; Sten Meet at Low wood bridge, Haverthwaite 9.30am A short notice peer paddle. Brian and I intend to paddle from Newby Bridge to Haverthwaite (portaging the big weir below Backbarrow). There will probably be lots of playing opportunities and an option to leave a car part way down if anybody comes who does not run Backbarrow and the river below. Message Sten if you decide you would like to join us 07835448621
  14. Sten Sture

    Xmas paddle

    Emma is going to come as well.
  15. Emma is coming as well
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