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  1. Dear Sue. Hello. No takers for Group Two so far. May I suggest that if this is so we simply run the day in two groups, one of three and one of four. This will ensure a high coach-learner ratio and keep us safely within COVID-19 guidelines. We can descend Alpine Style and easily remain two independent and mutually supportive teams. Thank you. Regards. Mark.
  2. Event details Share Set Reminder Follow1 Event details BE COVID AWARE 1. Trip type: River Running Skills - Moving on from Intermediate to advanced river paddling. Skills session possibly followed by a shortish section of river to put these in to action 2. Level of ability : Intermediate 3. Date: Saturday 15/11/20 4. Venue : Tbc dependent on river levels 5. Meet location / time : 10am (location tbc nearer
  3. Dear Sue, I have signed on here to assist with the coaching. If you are looking to have a group of six then I am happy to remove my name and simply come along as an experienced coach; alternatively, you could run concurrent coaching groups. Thank you. Regards, Mark H.
  4. until

    Dear All, Please excuse me for having to leave tomorrow's paddle at short notice - I'm not feeling well enough. Sue - nevertheless, I am hoping to be able to join you on Saturday. Have a safe and enjoyable trip tomorrow. Thank you. Regards, Mark.
  5. Dear Mark, Hello - thank you for organising this trip. I have withdrawn simply due to the M6 closure this weekend. I live near the motorway and A6 alternative and there’s signs everywhere warning about very long delays. Rather than get caught out, I will exercise discretion. I hope you have a good day out and I look forward to seeing you soon. Thank you, Regards, Mark H.
  6. Dear Ian, Hello, I would like to come along on this trip too please. It would be feasible to divide into two groups if numbers dictate. Thank you. Regards, Mark H.
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