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UPDATED Advanced River Trip Southern Scotland / Galloway Area



I've left it as long as possible to see if the restrictions would lift in time, as it stands this will not happen so regrettably this trip will not go ahead as intended! however I will leave it in place and start a WhatsApp group to keep you informed on a day to day basis as I plan to use the time paddling but it will be day trips weather dependant or if the opportunity arises and accommodation available somewhere else, for now watch this space


As this was posted prior to all this Covid stuff, it is an assumption at this point that it will be ok to go forward with this Trip

1. Trip type: Weekend Peer river trip 

2. Level of ability : Intermediate / Advanced

3. Date: Friday 6th, (Accomodation) Saturday 7th (Accomodation) &   8th, November

4. Venue : Southern Scotland, Dumfries and Galloway

5. Meet to share lift. TBC

6. Anything else: This is a two night trip with accommodation   probably travelling am Friday to take in a river on the way if you wish.

Please read notes re-river trips here:



Accommodation tentatively booked at Barholm in CreeTown

RSVP at least 2 weeks before the event


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