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Duddon Estuary

LCC Sea Kayak Trips

Trip is intended to go ahead but under review due to Corona virus. Will advise as situation develops. Advise travel to put in individually to minimise contact.
This was the First of the Four Estuaries and an Island Series

Trip was Cancelled - waiting for a better day - lets hope we are lucky this time.

Peer trip
Duddon Estuary

Saturday 11th April


High tide of 9.7 at 14:20 in Liverpool

We have 2 hours either side of high water, just time to paddle up the Duddon Estuary have a spot of lunch and paddle back before all the water

goes out.

Suggest meeting at 11:20 by the pier in Askham - dry suits on and Kayaks ready to go.



The launch point is at the end of the pier, the last time I was there we used a trolley to transport the boats to the water at the end of the

pier. If you have trolley bring one along.

The trip is within Moderate Water remit set by British Canoeing.

A stretch of coastline with available landings every one to two miles or one hour paddling, including areas where it is not easy to land.

Crossings not exceeding two nautical miles. Up to 2 knots of tide (but not involving tide races or overfalls). Winds not exceeding Beaufort force

4 . Launching and landing through surf (up to 1 metre, trough to crest height).

The trip is within Moderate Water remit set by British Canoeing. Except there will be a fast moving water as we pass under the railway viaduct.

It is winter time, the weather is the unpredictable part of the trip.

If the weather is just too bad I may have to postpone the trip for a couple of weeks.

If the trip does go ahead – dress for the cold.

Dry suits only

I would advise wrapping up warm, taking gloves (pogies would be a good alternative), a warm hat and a warm coat to wear during lunch.

A spot of lunch should include a warm drink and some comforting, energy providing food.


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